Global 11STREET Service Termination Notice

Thank you for using Global 11STREET.
11STREET English/Chinese service provided by 11STREET( ) to close,
We would like to express our deep gratitude to the customers who have used Global 11ST
Please read the Guidance notes

Closing Schedule

  • Even if the above service is terminated, various inquiries can be made through the Customer center until June 2028.
  • This schedule may be adjusted according to our circumstances.
  • Guidance notice on the destruction/storage/withdrawal of Member’s personal information.
    Personal information of members will be kept for five years after the end of the service, and after July 2028,
    the service terms and conditions will be automatically terminated, and your personal information will be destroyed/deleted en masse.
  • To continue using the 11STREET service, sign up for a new membership on the Korean 11STREET site.
    [11th Street Korean website] URL >>

You can continue to purchase/order all products purchased on Global 11th STREET on the 11STREET Korean site.

Thank you.


您好, 我是全球11号街的运营团队。


  • 即使上述服务终止, 也可以在2028年6月之前通过客户中心进行各种咨询。
  • 本日程可以根据11号街的情况调整。
  • 会员信息的销毁/保管/退出的指南
    服务结束后, 会员的信息将被保存到5年。5年后的2028年7月, 服务使用条款将自动解除, 会员的个人信息也将成批销毁/删除。
  • 要想继续使用11号街的服务, 必须在11号街韩国网站上重新注册会员。
    [韩国11号街网站] >>