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Retained Point

  • 0P Non-cash type:0P / Cash type:0P
  • Points to be expired in 30 days 0P

Point Details

Register Point Authentication Code

- The authentication code for a point gift certificate is an 11-character combination of English letters and numbers.

Enter an authentication code of point Gift Card.

Take Note!

  • The amount of points you retain is not allowed to exceed two million points in accordance with the Enforcement Ordinance of Electronic Finance.
  • The validity period for points is one year for non-cash type points and five years for cash type points (It is also subject to change according to individual promotional events.)
  • The minimum amount of converting cash to points is ₩10 per transaction.
  • The usage of your points or mileage will be locked if the sum of your points and mileage exceeds 500,000 won.Please check your existing points and mileage before converting your Cash into points.
  • If the buyer is responsible for cancellation or return, then non-cash points whose validity period expires are not refunded.