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[크록스 본사] 남녀공용 바야 그래픽 샌들 미네랄 블루 207994-4JQ HDDC

Items No. 6308137042

  • 19,900
  • 16,840 You save₩3,060
Delivery Information
Domestic Delivery Only
  • Domestic Delivery Fee :
    Free ~ ₩2,500

    Shipping rates are subject to change according to the purchase amount.

    shipping rate
    ₩2,500 For purchases of multiple items in a bundle whose amount is ₩30,000 less than
    Free For purchases of multiple items in a bundle whose amount is ₩30,000 or more
    Shipping for an order in package

    The shipping charge is calculated according to the total amount of the ordered items in a pack.

    Average delivery period in Korea: 1.7 days

    The number (ratio) of successful deliveries in
    1.7days : 3553 (72%)

    What is an Average Local Delivery Period?

    This refers to the average period it takes from the date of completing your orders and payment to the date of receiving your package. The Average Delivery Period is shown on items that were ordered and delivered within the Average Delivery Period of three days in the previous month. This is the Average Delivery Period for the concerned seller. Items from a single seller may have different Average Delivery Periods, depending on the type and shipping distance of products (like Custom-made items or International Shipping).

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Max. purchase : 500 unit(s) within 1 day(s) period
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Product Details

Product Details

Product Details
Status New product
Item No. 6308137042
Period of use
- Months
Price at the point of purchase
Manufactured date/Expiration date Manufactured date:Contact the seller Expiration date:Contact the seller
Shipment Courier service
Place of origin Refer to the detailed description of each Item origin
Available Shipping Regions Nationwide
After-sales service .
In case of domestic delivery, Mail to:08209 서울특별시 구로구 경인로 662 (신도림동,디큐브시티) 4층 크록스 [H] (신도림동, 디큐브시티)
Return/Exchange shipping cost in Korea (attributable to the buyer):3,000/6,000
Return/Exchange Policies
Information on return/exchange


Address of item return/exchange

08209 서울특별시 구로구 경인로 662 (신도림동,디큐브시티) 4층 크록스 [H] (신도림동, 디큐브시티)

Shipping fee for returns/exchanges

The following is the shipping fee to be paid by a purchaser in the case of returning or exchanging an item due to the purchaser’s fault.

  • Delivery fee for return:3,000
  • Delivery fee for exchange:6,000
  • When initial shipping is free, the delivery fee for return will still be charged: roundtrip (one-way x 2)

Item Description

Item Description
KC Certification Information Authentication information on this product can be found in product details provided by the seller. (The stated certification is registered by the seller. Thus, the seller holds any obligation related to the registered information.)


Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller 현대백화점 (hyundaidepart)
Shop Name/Representative 주식회사 현대홈쇼핑 / 임대규
Category of Business corporation operater
Business Registration Number
Registration of Online Marketing Business 제25-3133호
Contact NO.
Location of Headquarters 서울 강동구 천호동 454-2 현대홈쇼핑 12층
Items completed with authentication Business Registration Number, Shop Name
Authentication Date 2012.01.18

11STREET Payment Depository Business Registration Number.:02-006-000022

Confirm the subscription to the service

11STREET has been granted the Payment Depository Business License (Registration Number 02-006-000022) by the Financial Supervisory Service in accordance with the Electronic Financial Transactions Act. All sellers on the 11STREET website are required to subscribe to the service to conduct their online business.

This seller has been registered as a member of the Purchase Safety Services of 11Street Co., Ltd. that 11street has subscribed to for all transactions regardless of the amount and type of payment to ensure online transaction security and transparency for all our customers.

Item Reviews

Item Reviews

These item reviews were written by the customers of 11STREET who had bought this product.

evaluation Item review Writer/Date of writing
There are no registered Item reviews.



If you want to check your recent inquiries, go toMy 11STREET>My Item Q&A’.Postings other than item inquiries or vulgar expressions can be deleted without prior notice.

If you have any questions about the products or services of Global 11STREET, please refer to FAQ or contact us by 1:1 E-mail.



Information about refund of items purchased at Hyundai Department Store

If you want to return an Item from Hyundai Department Store available for purchase at Hyundai Hmall, send it to the return address. Upon arrival, the seller will inspect the item for any damage. If there is no damage, you will get a full refund in full of the original payment. If the returned Item is found to fall into one of the following categories that prohibit return or exchange, no refund will be made and the Item will be delivered back to you upon notification.

Make sure to read the following description before placing an order for items at the Hyundai Department Store.

Items at the online Hyundai Department Store are also available for sale at Hyundai Department Stores, except for some exclusive online items. Therefore, the item you order may be out of stock before it is delivered to you.
Upon acknowledging the occurrence of this event, you will be notified and get a full refund as soon as possible.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

Exchange/Return of Hyundai Department Store items

No return or exchanges for Hyundai Department Store items will be allowed if
  • Seven (7) days have passed since the date of receiving your package (applicable to all items of Hyundai Department Store).
  • The item is used or damaged (Clothing items will be inspected by an accredited inspection agency for assessment.)
  • A free gift provided in a bundle is used or missing in the returned package
  • The item you have ordered is a pair of custom-made shoes
  • The reason for return or exchange falls into the revocation restricted categories in accordance with the 'Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.'
Noted items on exchange/return
  • Exchange or return will only be allowed within the revocation period. Upon expiration of the period, no refund or exchange will be allowed unless there is damage to the item that is not attributable to the customer.
  • The return of your Item may not be accepted in the event that there is a delay in collecting it due to the customer's fault.
  • Some cosmetic items require either a doctor's note or a medical treatment certificate attached when returning them.
  • Return or indemnification due to a price cut will not be allowed.
  • The same items sold by different sellers may be priced differently. No returns or exchanges will be allowed because of this.
Information about after-sales services

Consumers will have a right to return, exchange, access after-sales services, or get a refund for faulty items in accordance with the Guidelines on Consumer Dispute Resolution (as notified by the Fair Trade Commission).

Information about Shopping Cart for Hyundai Department Store

Any purchase of Hyundai Department Store items worth less than 30,000 won will be charged a 2,500 won delivery fee.


  • For any purchase made by a minor, the purchase can be canceled by the minor him/herself or his/her legal representative when the legal representative disagrees with the purchase.
  • In the case of purchasing “industrial items that are subject to safety inspection,” please verify the availability of any Safety Test indications that are issued according to the “Quality Management and Safety Management Law of Industrial Products.”
  • In the case of purchasing an informative electronic/telecommunication device, please check if it is authorized or approved according to the relevant law.
  • In the case of a direct trade with a seller that does not use 11STREET’s payment system, different items instead of one in the your order may be shipped.
  • The registered items and descriptions are posted by a seller. Thus, 11STREET, which is operated by 11Street Co. Ltd., is not responsible for the contents registered in 11STREET.