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June New New Nike Adidas Sneakers Short Sleeve Tops Hats Bags

Items No. 1903431945

  • This item has been terminated for sale.
Delivery Information
Country of Provenance:Japan
Country of Destination:Korea
  • Customs Duty, VAT:

    Customs Duty, VAT

    Depending on the price and the item, tax may apply to global brand imports shipped from overseas. Tax exemption applies to items of 150 USD or under (200 USD or under for US customs clearance). If multiple cases of customs clearance are processed on the same day, depending on the item, import tax or VAT may apply. For more information, please visit the Customs Service website (

  • Domestic Delivery Fee : Free in Korea
Purchasing this item is not available now.

Item is not currently for sale.

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Product Details

Product Details

Product Details
Status New product
Item No. 1903431945
Period of use
- Months
Price at the point of purchase
Manufactured date/Expiration date Manufactured date:Contact the seller Expiration date:Contact the seller
Shipment Courier service/Shipping: Japan → Korea
Place of origin 상세설명참조
Available Shipping Regions Nationwide
After-sales service 해외배송상품 AS불가능 , 초기불량시 7일내 무료반품교환
In case of domestic delivery, Mail to:50137 경상남도 거창군 거창읍 강변로 185 2층
Return/Exchange shipping cost in Korea (attributable to the buyer):20,000/20,000
Return/Exchange Policies
Information on return/exchange

단순변심에 의한 교환/반품은 제품 수령 후 7일이내까지만 가능 (배송비용과 교환/반품비용 왕복배송비 고객부담) 상품의 내용이 표시·광고의 내용과 다른 경우에는 상품을 수령한 날부터 3개월 이내, 그 사실을 안 날 또는 알 수 있었던 날부터 30일 이내에 청약철회 가능

Address of item return/exchange

50137 경상남도 거창군 거창읍 강변로 185 2층

Shipping fee for returns/exchanges

The following is the shipping fee to be paid by a purchaser in the case of returning or exchanging an item due to the purchaser’s fault.

  • Delivery fee for return:20,000
  • Delivery fee for exchange:20,000
  • When initial shipping is free, the delivery fee for return will still be charged: roundtrip (one-way x 2)

Global Brand Imports

Global Brand Imports Shipped from Overseas

Department of Global Brand Imports offers an unique service where certified Global Sellers in Korea and overseas provide global brand items.

Global Brand Imports Shipped from Overseas
  • Who are Global Sellers? : They are Sellers in Korea or overseas, selling global brand items.
  • Global brand imports shipped from overseas may take 5~15 business days to be delivered.There may be 2~3 days of delay in shipping for remote areas in highlands and islands.
  • As the currency exchange rate fluctuates, shipping rate / customs duty and surtax may change accordingly. If the rate changes during the payment process, your payment may fail to complete.
    In this case, please try again.
Cancel/Return/Exchange Guide
  • Order Cancellation : You can cancel your order AFTER completing your order payment.
  • Order Returns : You can return your item within 7 days of the receipt date.
    If you are returning for Buyer's Remorse, you are responsible for the import duty and round-trip international shipping fee.
    If you are returning a global brand import shipped from overseas, you are responsible for import duty, round-trip international shipping fee, and other additional charges.
  • Order Exchanges : You CANNOT exchange your item. Please return your item and order again.
Inquiry on Defective Items & Customer Service
  • For inquiry on the order return/exchange/repair of a defective item, please contact the Seller.
  • ATTENTION : Repair service is usually not available for global brand imports shipped from overseas. For the items with repair service available, you may be responsible for import tax, international shipping, and other additional charges. Due to the time difference, getting a hold of the Seller on the phone may be difficult. In this case, please contact 11STREET's Customer Service.
    We will help you contact the Seller and resolve any issues at hand.
Customs Duty, VAT
  • If you purchase from a Global Seller in overseas, an international courier will carry out the customs clearance procedure, abiding by principles of private? import customs clearance. If your order exceeds 150,000 KRW, you become the person liable for tax payment.? In this case, you are responsible for import tax and VAT. Please follow the courier's instructions and make payment to Korea Customs Service.
    Please note that the courier may request your personal information (e.g. Resident Registration Number) for customs clearance.

Displaying Origins of Global Brand Items

In order to guarantee qualities of genuine products, all Sellers are required to display origins of their products. If an item is found to have violated the agreement, the Seller must submit to 11STREET all supporting *s indicating where it was originally purchased. The origin of items has to be one of the following below.

  • ALegal wholesale
  • BOfficial online/offline stores
    (department stores included)
  • COffline outlets
  • DOverseas Online Shopping Mall
  • EOther (auctions, etc.)

Seller Information

Seller Information
Seller 산다몰 (sandaworld)
Shop Name/Representative 주식회사 동살 / 이덕천
Category of Business corporation operater
Business Registration Number
Registration of Online Marketing Business 2017-경남거창-00061
Contact NO.

The phone connection can be difficult because time difference of seller.
In this case,contact Customer Service 11ST(1599-0110),quick consultation will help you to be possible.

Location of Headquarters 경상남도 거창군 거창읍 강변로 185 2층
Items completed with authentication Business Registration Number, Shop Name
Authentication Date 2017.09.03

11STREET Payment Depository Business Registration Number.:02-006-000022

Confirm the subscription to the service

11STREET has been granted the Payment Depository Business License (Registration Number 02-006-000022) by the Financial Supervisory Service in accordance with the Electronic Financial Transactions Act. All sellers on the 11STREET website are required to subscribe to the service to conduct their online business.

This seller has been registered as a member of the Purchase Safety Services of 11Street Co., Ltd. that 11street has subscribed to for all transactions regardless of the amount and type of payment to ensure online transaction security and transparency for all our customers.

Item Reviews

Item Reviews

These item reviews were written by the customers of 11STREET who had bought this product.

evaluation Item review Writer/Date of writing
There are no registered Item reviews.



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If you have any questions about the products or services of Global 11STREET, please refer to FAQ or contact us by 1:1 E-mail.


Return/exchange policy

You may submit your request within seven days upon receipt of your package.
Note, however, that you may not submit your request for return/exchange if:

  • the package or part of it is lost or damaged due to lack of care or some other fault for which the customer is responsible.
    (except for damage to the package that allows the product inside to be seen )
  • The value of the product is severely reduced due to use or consumption by the customer.
  • The value of the product has been so severely reduced and too much time has elapsed that it cannot be re-sold.
  • the package is damaged for a product that can be easily copied or forged
  • A custom-made product individually produced upon the request of a customer starts to be manufactured


  • For any purchase made by a minor, the purchase can be canceled by the minor him/herself or his/her legal representative when the legal representative disagrees with the purchase.
  • In the case of purchasing “industrial items that are subject to safety inspection,” please verify the availability of any Safety Test indications that are issued according to the “Quality Management and Safety Management Law of Industrial Products.”
  • In the case of purchasing an informative electronic/telecommunication device, please check if it is authorized or approved according to the relevant law.
  • In the case of a direct trade with a seller that does not use 11STREET’s payment system, different items instead of one in the your order may be shipped.
  • The registered items and descriptions are posted by a seller. Thus, 11STREET, which is operated by 11Street Co. Ltd., is not responsible for the contents registered in 11STREET.