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Special COUPON

  • 11% FASHION. Order Over $5/Up to $3 Off. GET IT
  • Period of Use: Only on the date of issue
  • Condition of Usage: Global 11ST
  • Issue Quantity: 5 coupons per month / 1ID/Event period
  • Fashion category 11% Coupon is applicable to purchase over $5(approx. 5,000KRW) on select items with maximum of $3(approx. 3,000KRW) discount.
  • the coupon applies to Items in Clothing/Accessories
  • > Women's Clothing / Men's Clothing / Underwear/Pajamas / Women's Shoes / Women's Handbags / Jewelry / Men's Shoes / Men's Bags / Fashion Accessories Category.
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  • If purchasing multiple items, the coupon only applies to one item.
  • Add-on items are excluded from discount when using coupon.
  • Coupons that are expired after cancellation/return of yourorder can be reissued only if responsibility lies with the seller.
  • If due to partial cancellation of your order, you fail to meet the order total for coupon usage, refund will be processed after subtracting coupon discount amount.
  • If the coupon is used in an attempted illegal circumstances, the order may be cancelled.
  • This event may be subject to change or early termination without any prior notice.

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Fashion Accessories