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['Dietary Supplements' Categories 11% Off Coupon]
  • Event period: ~ 30st September
How to use?
'Dietary Supplements' Categories 11% Off Coupon can be used in 11STREET APP & 11STREET Web
the coupons apply only to one item (same item number)with the highest price in your shopping cart
10 coupons / 1ID/Event period
valid for 1day from the date of issuance(23:59 KST)
Dietary Supplements Categories 11% off Coupon is available with purchase over $20& the maximum discount amount is $5 [approx. 5,000KRW]
coupons expired after cancellation/return of your order can be reissued only if responsibility lies with the seller
if due to partial cancellation of your order total of your order cannot meet coupon usage condition, refund will be processed after subtracting coupon discount amount
if the coupon is attempted to use in an illegal circumstances the order may be cancelled
the promotion may end earlier and the offer may change without any prior notice

Dietary Supplements


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